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Well, today is Weigh In Wednesday and the scale is the same as last week… Actually I had gained since Saturday lol but it was to be expected since I went food crazy Sunday and yesterday I had some chocolate AND chocolate ice cream…. Stupid PMS.  I can tell I am a little swollen too.  It sucks being a girl sometimes.  I can handle as my friend calls the red eye monster, but PMS TOO for two weeks before.  Ugh that’s 3 weeks a month where things are just crappy…. Eh, what can you do?

Well today is the started of our Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge in my weight loss group I am apart of.  It will go on for 8 weeks ending July 4th!  So I need you peeps to help keep me accountable.  🙂 I will also at the end of the challenge post some before and after pictures (and ugh the before…. ) but if we all liked our before pics wouldn’t change things right?  So it’s to be expected to hate your before pictures.  I hope everyone is doing well this week…..