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Ah, Mother nature… Mother…. Nature…. Boy she is just a swell lady.  See she likes to make me crave crap for about two weeks a month until she well knocks on my door and says hello!  What a “nice” friend she is.  I mean I can live I guess with her visits but geez do you have also bring with you the before cravings of crap before you come over???? I mean jeez…. So, yesterday I decided I wanted pizza!  I haven’t really had a day of crap food in gosh I couldn’t remember when it feels like it’s been months but I am sure it’s probably weeks at best!

Any ho…. I decided I wanted pizza, chips, dip, chocolate, oh wait?! don’t forget the ice cream… All this to be consumed in ONE day.  Because I know it’s all down hill for me if this lasts longer then ONE day!  So I did I blissfully ate it all, and then got to the last candy bar.  See I originally bought enough for everyone, but there was a “deal” at Kroger buy 2 get one free.  So I had a free bar coming.  When I told the clerk that was fine, he insisted “it’s okay I can ring it up, it won’t cost you anything” he was puzzled.  Why would this crazy woman NOT want the FREE candy bar?

I did what any logical PMS woman would do!!!!

I “bought it” and ate it!  THAT, tipped me over.  I was officially in carb hell.  I feel sleepy and tired.  Just over all blah!  Ugh, you would think you would remember this but no!  It’s like when you were pregnant and you begged them to get that kid out of you, and then the screaming in child birth about how you never want to do this again. But then you see that little face and it’s as if it never happened.  We woman, we just seem to get a kick out of punishing ourselves.  While I am far from upset that I ate these foods, I am more annoyed that I did so to the point I felt sick.  That my friend is just silly!

I am not on a restrictive eating plan.  I can have chocolate and pizza (not much though) and so on.  But for some reason yesterday I wanted every piece of chocolate and carb around.  Sigh… Of course my weight showed a reflection this morning but it’s all good I expected as much.  Mental note to self it’s okay to splurge once in a while just don’t go over board will ya?  Geez…. Silly silly girl!

Other than that all is good… I enjoyed my two days of no exercise, it made walking today more enjoyable.  I also feel good today as well 🙂 Wednesday I am supposed to start a biggest loser competition in my weight loss group so I am excited about that!  All in all not a “bad” weekend.  So how was your weekend?