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Ya know, when I first started walking I had in my mind that people would be pointing and laughing thinking “look at that fat girl go”.  Funny how the mind always seems to go to the negative.  But honestly, this hasn’t been my experience at all.  Infact, most have been quiet nice!  I get several waves and even on Monday on the way to a call the firemen even waved.  While I am sure having my cute little tag along Makayla with me helps I can’t help but think instead that they are saying “you go girl!” or at least they do in my head.  It’s quiet refreshing.  Derrick and I even motivated a friend to get on her treadmill yesterday.  It’s amazing at who you touch without knowing it.

Sometimes I don’t expect people to really listen to me.  As a natural talker I say all the time that I talk to talk.  Even at 30 yrs old I am still surprised that people actually listen to what I say.  I don’t know why this shocks me, I guess hearing all your life how I talk to too much I assume others just tune me out.  I mean my nick name growing up was motor mouth!  Lovely huh?  Either way…..  I am also in so much joy this morning because my son told me he would like to start jogging with Derrick in the afternoons.  The  girls have been on board but him not so much.

However, the past couple months he has been slimming down (he is 8 btw) he isn’t “fat” just has a little fluff.  We have been eating probably the healthiest we have ever eaten and it’s showing in all my kids.  They are running, looking fit.  It’s amazing, and to hear him say I want to jog too made me proud.  I don’t want my children’s lives to revolve around weight, in fact when he gets on my scale I tell him all the time that number will change as he is growing boy and it’s all about us getting healthy.

I have no doubt in my mind that this change is for the better of this entire family!  Derrick is losing weight quiet well, since we lowered our carb intake to about half (he does about 130 grams a day) he is now down 21 pounds.  I have found that I have to keep my carb intake at under 100 and I lose.  I was so disappointed yesterday when I saw the scale didn’t really budge.  I mean how do you go from not walking to walking 5 miles a day, eating a good cal intake and still not really lose AND weigh what I weigh.  I would expect that maybe in a smaller person but not a person of my size.  So I buckled down and lowered those carbs, given that it’s believed I could have insulin issues this is important, and sure enough this morning the scale was back down.  I won’t know for a 100% sure until next week but I think I am finally on to something here and figured the magic to my personal weight loss despite my health issues.

I also want to say since lowering my carbs my swelling has gone down dramatically.  I am amazed at my feet, I see bone again!  I have done everything doctors have told me and nada, nothing worked other than lasiks.  Well this does!  I still eat the same amount of calories just I eat less carbs and that’s it.  Who would have known?  Of course we all know how sugars can trigger things in your body I guess apart of me didn’t believe that it could affect my body so much.  See because everyone is different.  Infact, in my research I found that those who are not insulin resistant need lower calories and high carbs in a study that was done among a group of people.  Those who were insulin resistant had a hard time losing with low cal/high carb but lost fine with lower carb despite the calories (they kept them under 2k though).  So it was an interesting read.  I guess my body just holds on to sugar like glue and says no it’s mine and I’m not letting it go!  lol.

Either way we will as I said know for sure if this is the formula for me.  In about 8 weeks I should have a check up on my blood work and we will see how that’s doing.  Oh and since the lower carb my blood pressure is even more awesome.  Go figure. 🙂