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Okay so I bought some cheaper shoes a week ago two hours into walking I got a nice big blister on the back of my foot above the heel.  Nice!  It hurt like a mofo.  I had bought these shoes because I was wearing flip flops as shown in the picture but they were killing my calves, hurting the front of my leg and the top of my foot (my guess me squeezing my toes so they wouldn’t fall off lol) BUT I got NO blisters with these.  I mean there is a reason why these things were a life saver when I was pregnant with ginormous swollen feet.  Those who know me know what I am talking about this was just ordinary swollen toesies….

Anyways, so I took the shoes back and went to athletic store.  The sales guy and I talk about my situation he shows me the shoes he recommends and that was that.  I tried on probably 6 pairs of shoes and bought the pair the second pair that felt the best (the first pair was a little too much).  Things went great, first day of walking good.  After 5 miles though not so good.  The back again got rubbed but no blisters just torn skin (ouch!) and a nice blister this time on my foot next to two of my toes.  So I ended up walking again with my flip flops to pick the kids up.

While, my feet felt better, these shoes slow me down because they hurt my legs.  I was happy to walk with out the pain from the torn skin and blisters though….. So I ask you what the heck should I be looking for in a shoe?  I have looked on-line it seems I have a normal arch and I swear the ball of my foot it it’s too fat or something lol which is where one of my blisters is at.  Anyways, so I need to know should I be dealing with blisters and if not what do I do?  How do I find the right shoe?  It seems it’s hard to try it out in the store because I don’t usually know until I walk in them for a good couple of miles… Help! 🙂

Edit to add: Also know that I am wanting to start running so I need something that is good for walking AND running 🙂