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I got up this morning and did NOT want to look at the scale… Why you ask? I mean it’s not like I have eaten bad in fact I have probably ate too little. I can tell my new thyroid meds (Yep finally got the new script and YEP it was still off!) is starting to regulate because I don’t get as hungry. Although, that doesn’t necessarily equal a loss. It’s very strange. I typically weigh daily. As I have mentioned before I normally do this because of the swelling issues I am not to gain more than 3lbs in two days. The past several months that hasn’t been an issue as much but now it’s just a routine.

One of the bad things about weighing daily is you put yourself up for being upset. See weight naturally fluctuates. I think this is the big reason why they say to weigh once a week. That way you don’t find yourself discouraged if you gained a lb or so in a day. It’s only natural to feel this way. I woke up this morning and thought no, I am not going to weigh in. I knew that if that number was higher than 289 I would cry.

I step on the scale and it’s over 289! What? So I do my normal weigh three times because I swear my damn scale is retarded. And the next two reads were 289. No I didn’t stand on one foot or hold the door. Yes, I know all the tricks we do to make the scale lighter, I have done them we all have but it defeats the purpose. You must accept what you weigh, fudging the number does you no service! However, in that moment I wanted to just ditch the scale and say F it….

I am not saying F it as in I will just eat bad oh no I am in this journey to find what ever the heck is wrong with me. It’s just annoying. I want to see those numbers continuously go down NOT up or the same. It’s annoying when you bust your butt and you don’t *see* results. UGH.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in hopefully, today was just some water weight from all the walking I did yesterday? Until then.