Phew walk number two is DONE! boy was that brutal!  I walked earlier to get new shoes, I was wearing these flip flops but that wasn’t cutting it because it was hurting my legs and feet.  So even though they are not fancy good shoes they were at least a little better than my flip flops.  I was nice to come home today and my legs and feet not aching in pain!  Hopefully in the coming months I can get a good pair.  These kind of rub the ankle area a bit which is annoying but all in all they are actually pretty comfy and held up pretty well for the 2 mile walks I would say that’s good!  And boy was that walk HARD today.  It’s HOT and HUMID if it wasn’t for the occasional breeze I think I would have died!  Okay not died but been really really pooped!  I even started envisioning jumping in the pools of neighbors but thought I would avoid the awkward moment of people find some stranger in their pool!

Derrick is picking up my meds which were called in by the doctor’s office this morning.  So at least I can get on my new dose.  Hopefully I can get  a new appointment with the other clinic with the next 8 weeks so I can have it retested.  I hope the new amount works!  Also wanted to mention that in case you haven’t noticed there are a couple more pages added to my site.  The Weekly Weigh Ins where you can keep track of the pounds lost and OMG I can’t believe I have posted to the world my weight…. There ya go yep I am no small girl!  AND My fitness goals for the month (which most likely will be for next month too since this month is already almost over).  This is in addition to the 4 mile walk 5 days or so a week.  Anyways, also don’t forget to check my daily eats there you can view how I eat and I will update pictures as I lose more weight.  I figured for every 30-40lbs lost I would post a new picture.  I hope everyone is having a good day. I on the other hand just hope for some SLEEP tonight!  Until tomorrow!