hmmmm where to start….. Good news I guess first because it’s always good to start with the good…. First my 2 mile walk is DONE this morning and not too shabby I might say I don’t even think I broke a sweat however, I walked super slow due to my lack of energy…. Good news number two I put in a call to move clinics.  Of course it will take like a month they said to get a new appointment but I assumed as much!  At least I won’t have to see Dr. Quack anymore!  And my INR levels were good yesterday which is very good!

On to Dr. Quack.  So I went to my INR appointment at the anticoagulation clinic and at my last visit we talked about moving my testing to the clinic was going to since it was closer to home.  He said how he kept calling my doctor and she would never return his calls.  He said none of the other doctors in the other clinics do this.  I told him it’s just her, how I don’t like her and how I will changing clinics because of her!  Which I did today.  It will take a month or so before I can get an appointment it seems I am on a waiting list but I figured as much.  But back to Dr. Quack. So after my INR appointment I get a print out of my meds I am on and up coming appointments.  Well just so happens I noticed my thyroid meds were changed the dosage has gone up!   In fact the dosage was changed on SUNDAY and here is it is already Wednesday and yet no one called me!

So I call the clinic.  The person who answers the phone confirms it was changed.  I explained how I need a new script then, of course I get this line of I will tell the nurse she will get back with you in 24/48 hrs (ugh seriously???) and he took my info to the pharmacy I use.  So not only did Dr. Quack not make sure when they drew my blood two weeks ago that they tested my thyroid but Dr. Quack also failed to inform me that my levels are STILL off (which explains some things and at the same time makes the 10lb loss so much sweeter!).  I was beyond pissed by this point!  I will NOT being going there any longer.

THEN, I decided oh at like 5:30 pm last night I was going to BED.  I was done for the day.  It was a busy day.  I drove most of it, the other half M was whinny because she is cutting two teeth and she is waking up constantly at night.  I knew I had my 4 miles again today I wanted REST!  So off to bed I went with the baby.  What happens an hour later???????? Derrick comes in the room and decides HE is going to bed!  Ummm, three of the kids are still awake, he thought they could just take care of themselves like just take a shower, turn off the tv, lights, make sure the door is locked and all that jazz… Um they are 11, 9 and 8.  While yes they can do these things I am not going to depend on them to do so.  He explains how “do I want him to wreck on the way to work” and how I stay home and “can sleep when I want”.  Seriously dude nearly lost his damn balls!

So up I went and of course since I was up by this point I didn’t fall back to sleep until almost MIDNIGHT!  The best sleep I got all night was when M woke up at 5:30 and I gave her to him and then my son woke me up an hour later.  Which was TEN minutes before we had to leave.  Derrick was like I didn’t know?  Really?  Then he tells M to “let mommy nap today” look ass hat I don’t need a damn nap I NEED to go to sleep and get GOOD sleep for HOURS not just an hr or so.  I seriously envisioned smothering him last night and then kicking him in the damn balls this morning.  Of course I did my 2 mile walk so expecting to come back from that AND then sleep just isn’t going to happen.

I also have to walk to the store today to find some decent walking shoes because lets face it my flip-flops are not cutting it!  Even though they are thicker and quite comfy.  I also have another 2 miles a head of me, I have to get my scripts, make dinner and then my happy ass is going to bed early tonight and I will lock the bedroom door if I have too!  I swear to god if I don’t get some good sleep soon no one in this house is going to like me!  And Derrick is on the brink of a damn death wish.  Usually he is really good about this stuff, and yeah he might have been tired but his ass only needs like SIX hrs of sleep and he doesn’t even budge when M wakes up just snores right through it so I don’t want to freaking here how “tired” he is.  Not to mention my thyroid is still off and all that jazz, still recovering from the PE (which OMG it wipes you out so many just don’t.know.), AND walking 4 miles a day (his ass jogs 2 if he is lucky) so yeah shut the f up!   He even tried to call me and was like am I suppose to sacrifice my safety so you can sleep?  (he claims he would fall asleep driving) No, I am saying you could of wait ONE HOUR , put the kids to bed and went to sleep.  So he got 9 hours of sleep and I got 5 hours of broken sleep.

and… Rant over! lol Hopefully, I will get some sleep tonight and be in a MUCH better mood tomorrow!