Okay so this is $80.75 worth of groceries.  I really needed some meat to last us two weeks and the local store had a lot of buy one get one free deals so this is what all I got…..


Bag of carrots, 3 avocados, a bag of onions, romaine lettuce, a mix lettuce, 4 tomatoes, 16 apples, ground sea salt, ground pepper, a bag of baggies (zip lock), 1 diet dr.pepper, a small dark chocolate dove bar (my treat for shopping lol), bacon, 2 packs of chicken legs, 4 containers of ground turkey, 2 packs of steaks,10 roman noodles (I allow the kids to have one a week), 2 cans of stewed tomatoes, 2lbs of lunch meat, 4lbs of hamburger lean meat, 3 green bell peppers, and a big bag of snap peas….. Not too bad if you ask me 🙂 Most of this will last us 2 weeks (well the meat for sure will!)