This morning I did NOT want to get up, let alone walk 2 miles but well, the kids had to go to school so I didn’t have a choice.  So got my two hard boiled eggs because I was STARVING and some water and off we went.  Today it started out okay but after the first mile that second mile home this morning was a killer!  My legs just wanted to give out.  Half way through the walk I imagined just pulling off those legs and getting new ones since it felt my legs were what was holding me back today.  Otherwise I felt great.

I had that burn in my chest that wanted to almost run, the fire to move, the ambition of “let’s do this”!  I did of course make it not in the time frame I hoped I was off by a few minutes but all in all it was a good walk.  Tomorrow is weigh in and I hope the scale shows some good news.  I kind of fear it won’t since the walking I always seem to maintain or gain when I first start walking (water retention maybe?).  Miss M didn’t stay awake today during the walk I guess she figured she saw all she needed to yesterday so today was just old news…..

2 miles DONE!

I won’t lie today I am SUPER sore, like I don’t even want to move sore and the walk today seems to have made it worse…. I never knew my BUTT lol could hurt so much! lol…… I still have another 2 miles this afternoon to do as well…. Sigh…. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment to retest my INR because it was super low last week.  Hopefully it will be back up again.  I am starting to think it is because today I am FREEZING!  So no 4 mile walk tomorrow.  We will be getting up at 5am, out the door at 6 then I have to drop the kids off and bring M back home let her nap for an hour and then off again to my docs appointment.  Although, I have considered still walking anyways in the afternoon OR doing one of my work out video’s.  Not sure!

On to the last topic MEN, god bless them… So Derrick calls me to let me know the shirt sizes he ordered for the family for the company picnic.  Instead of just asking me first he just thought he would guess.  Well, last year their shirts ran small, and well last year I was prego so I ended up not wearing the T-Shirt.  But planned on to this summer.  What did he get me?  A Large!  Now as you can see from the photo above I am much bigger then a large.  The picnic is in a month.  I doubt I will drop a few shirt sizes in like 30 days.  He was like but baby I was just didn’t want to be mean.

Won’t lie I got a little pissed, told him how would getting a shirt that’s WAY too small be nice?  I was like I wear what I wear and I have to deal with that but getting a smaller shirt isn’t doing me any favors.  I seriously did get upset.  I know it’s just a shirt.  But it seems he is always trying to make US smaller than we are (he got him a shirt that is too small too).  I don’t know WHY he does this?  Maybe he just “sees” us smaller?  I dunno?  But I wish if anything he would have just sent me a text and said hey babe here is the sizes what size do you want me to get for you.  I would rather wear the size I NEED then to have something way too small… Sigh, he thinks he can fix it I surely hope so!