I was going to post this list tomorrow but figured what the hey!  Plus tomorrow will be busy with doctors appointments and I have to do my weigh in so!
1. To say good-bye to the elastic waist!

My wardrobe right now consists of several pairs of yoga pants and elastic shorts (no,not the blue jean ones that your grandma wears) but more so the ones you are supposed to wear to WORKOUT in!

2. Jeans!

I miss denim jeans. I love jeans but as you get bigger they irritate that section between the top fat and the bottom fat known as your waist!

3. To shop at any type of store including a thrift store.

Most stores either don’t have my size, or when they do it’s not very attractive. The stores that do have nice things are typically quiet expensive!

4. To wear clothes in ONE digit

(while this isn’t something that may happen I will settle for a size 10) I would love to at least not have clothes that don’t have the word PLUS added to them….

5. To see everything I shave 😉

No pun intended

6. To be able to run and play with my kids.

And not want to die five seconds into it.


I will admit I am a bit embarrassed to dance! While, I know.. I know… I shouldn’t care what others think, I do! And well, I just don’t want to be the joke of the fat person dancing.

8. Not feeling my stomach.

Between kids, fluid, and just weight in general my stomach has taken a toll, I would love to sit down and not feel my stomach (gross I know!).

9. To feel sexy.

I know that some people can feel sexy big, but it’s hard for me to be this big and to feel sexy. I would love to be able to put on a dress and think “damn I look good“! That and to wear Sexy panties….. I use to have so many!

10. To not be invisible.

When you are overweight it’s amazing how it seems you disappear to society. Sometimes people even go out of their way to NOT look at you. I never really noticed this until I lost a lot of weight years ago and it seemed everyone noticed me. I still was the shy, quiet person (well, I am this way if you don’t know me) I always was, I turned heads and now I turn heads but never in a good way!

11. To go to a water park.

I have NEVER been. Why? plenty of overweight people go every year! Well, this goes back to the whole people judging me thing, I get it, it’s my issue. People can judge me at any size. However, I just don’t feel comfortable being in a swim suit and going to a water park with tons of people staring at me…. And to also question if I am too big for a ride 😦

12. I look forward to ENERGY!

I have four children I NEED energy!

13. To inspire, this probably sounds vain I am sure….

But apart of what gets me going some days, to work out, to blog isn’t for ME sometimes but the fact that I could “be” something. That someone else could look at me and think I can do that and change their lives too. That “I” made a difference in someone else’s life.

14. Awesome sex!

Okay probably TMI not that I don’t have great sex with my mate, we do but there are some, um, positions that I have found are MUCH more difficult to do not to mention how tiring sex really can be especially if you are out of shape. (What? I have four kids, of course I have sex!) lol.

15. To give my children a healthy mom in homes they too will be healthier adults.

I don’t want my children to struggle the way I have. I want them to have the tools to be able to be awesome, healthy, and productive adults in the world. I want them to have a mom they can be proud of. Someone who did stuff with them, someone who they can look up to. I want them to be able to know how to BE healthy so their children are healthy too!

I know that being skinny doesn’t mean that all these things will magically make ME better. I get that. I know that I feel my life sucks that being skinny won’t just make everything a-okay. I am not by far that naive. I know that it’s much more than that. These are just things that I have noticed about me and MY body that I would be happy to either no longer see or abilities I will eventually have!  What things have you or do you look forward to in your journey?