So we are back to having ONE car again, I was using a car from someone for a short period of time…. Since Derricks hours changed at work this means walking the kids to AND from school everyday except for the days I take the van for doctors appointments.  I could easily take the van everyday but it would double our gas for the week and well it’s a mile walk to the school and we can survive that!  We use to do this more often and after today I think I will continue this walk in the mornings!

Let me just say an AM walk is awesome!  The weather was great, it was a little chilly but that felt great when I started getting a bit hot!  Not to mention it just looks so pretty in the mornings.  I saw three fellow walkers this morning.

So off we went on our journey to the school!

I had Christopher take this picture and I think at this point I was asking him what was taking so long lol….

The field to the left feels like it takes forever to get to the end.  The end is the street to the kid’s school!  Almost there!

One mile down and M seems to be doing great!

I’m doing great too 🙂

I watched the kids walk the rest of the way because it would be so “uncool” if I walked them to the door… My babies are growing up.

I get excited when I hit this part not only because I love looking at it but it also means I am almost home.

I love windmills 🙂

Isn’t this house gorgeous?

A little history about the land and barn There was an old house, but they moved it to the back and are recreating it I still like the old house but whatev’s

Phew 2 miles DONE! We are HOME!

M was so tuckered out (as you can obviously see here lol) that she went to sleep right when we got home.  To be honest I figured she would have slept while we were walking but I think she was just so excited to be outside that she stayed awake the whole time!!!!

So the first 2 miles this morning wasn’t so bad!  However, I didn’t expect it to be since it’s usually much cooler in the mornings.  It’s the afternoons that is much more challenging because of the heat.  I hear though, it’s only suppose to be 74 this afternoon so maybe it won’t be so bad??? One could only hope.  Once I got home I did some online stuff and found this recipe on this blog for no flour pancakes!  This was DELISH! I highly recommend it.  I also started some laundry, straightened up the living room, cleaned the bathroom, and steam cleaned the living room carpet…. ah it’s so nice to be productive!  I even had a little helper…

And then 2:30 finally came and it was time to go again!  2 more miles here we come!

This although you can’t tell really well is a hill that I HATE sure there are worse hills but when I have already walked 1 mile (well actually by this point 3 total if you count earlier) I do not wish to walk up any hills! Including this one!

This is where I start to feel like okay I can do this, At the end of this street we are almost home!  I love this neighborhood btw it has such a homey feel to it.  We always walk this way home because it has a lot of shade vs the way we walked in the morning time.

At this point I start visions of flying…. I am sooo close to home but yet at the same SOOOO far!  I really do day-dream about fly home lol what? don’t laugh!

Just a sweet photo

Almost there, almost to the finish line at the end of this street is home! yay!

But first it’s always good to stop and smell the flowers 🙂 so many pretty ones today

Can’t leave out our barking, tail wagging friends 😉

M says “we are home, now get me out of this thing!”

Phew 4 miles down today…. Boy was that a work out!

I can honestly say that 4 miles in a day even though it was broken up did eventually wear my butt out!  Though I loved how the walk this morning gave me SO much energy…… Not sure how I will fill tomorrow but today all is good 🙂