Well, Hello there to my fellow readers.  It’s Sunday.  I LOVE the weekends.  I LOVE the weekends because normally Derrick lets me sleep in therefore taking care of the baby which gives me some much needed sleep.  Except for last night when M decided to wake up at midnight because she went to bed super early and thought it was time to party! lol  She did end up going to bed though close to 2 am.  However, I was awakened by her gleeful yells for me to get up and play with her.  Who can deny such a cute face?

So up I went, I made Derrick and I a great protein filled breakfast and feel good a little on the tired side, thinking nap maybe in order today?  I am going to visit a friend, talk about the wedding and a new wrap business I am looking to start soon that helps people lose inches.  I am excited about that.

I also weighed myself which I do everyday but don’t consider my official weigh in’s until Wednesday however, I did and I am down another pound.  That makes 3lbs since Wednesday since I lowered my carb intake to just 100grams a day.  I stuck to the same calorie intake and so far it seems to be working.  The interesting thing is it’s helping with my swelling too.  I have read some interesting articles that talked about how reducing sodium doesn’t always reduce swelling which is what like every doctor recommends.  I have been living proof that reducing didn’t effect my swelling however, the lower carbs is.  Funny how your body works.  I am still apparently learning mine.

The real challenge will be after a week seems most things go well and then crash.  Note that I am not doing any “crash” diets or anything else.  Just try to tweak things to see what works for me 🙂 I figure all of this is trail and error and until I find the right formula for my body I will have to make adjustments here and there.  So far this one is working well not only for the weight loss but fits fine into my life style.

I don’t feel deprived, I still get carbs which I love and all that jazz so it seems win, win to me.  Which isn’t that the point to anything you do, it has to be something you can do long term?  Anyways, at this rate it does look like by Wednesday I will meet that 10lb loss goal!  Yeah baby!