So you know how yesterday I posted some how I was LIGHTER then at home, well a few hours explained the difference AF has arrived…. So I am back down now if I can break out of these 7lbs.  I was quiet surprised that it dropped so quickly but that tells me things are going more normal for me because I always retain water right before which now explains my total of almost 5lb gain. It sucks being a girl sometimes!  Anyways, Things are going quiet well with lowering the carbs.  I still track my foods, I am going to still kick my butt and take pictures of what I eat and all that jazz.  It’s working quiet well and my swelling ironically is getting better too… hmmmm maybe I am on to something here.  Hopefully next weekend we will see my first 10lb loss 🙂 yeah that sounds better!   I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend…. Don’t go nuts on your eating (I know I tend to).  (Waves) talk to you guys later!