Before I share my lovely visit, I watched an interesting documentary yesterday called Fathead!  If you haven’t seen it yet I would recommend it.  I was a watch now on Netflix so I figured why not because it was suggested to me yesterday after my blog post.  It was quiet interesting.  One of the interesting things in the documentary was talking about fats and carbs, see as I have mentioned before I have a thyroid issue.  I had a WONDERFUL doctor almost 2 yrs ago now who told me I really should try a lower carb diet.  Now see I did akins in the past and it was just not for me and then south beach that was better but I killed myself once I could add carbs back.  So I wasn’t too keen on the idea.  Anyways, I decided yesterday to just give it ago and then saw the documentary and thought ya know I really should.  I decided to start off like the guy in the film and just lower my carbs to 100g a day.  And of course still watch my calorie count.  I will admit yesterday I felt great doing this, better than normal actually!  I figured it would give it a go for 30 days and see… I mean what do I really have to “lose”? lol.

Now on to the appointment today with Dr.Quack… My morning started off okay, I was 1lb lighter than yesterday, meh, I’ll take it and doing well with my time management.  I got Makayla up from her nap and off we went.  I was asked back quiet quickly to my surprised.  Got weighed which some how on their scale I was 3lbs SMALLER!  I mean I so wanted to take this lol… Then they did my blood pressure which was like 96/60 the nurse was concerned about this, did again got about the same, said that she wanted to try to get a better read or they will send me to the hospital!!!! What? ugh really???? So we go into the room she tries again with one of the manual ones where they have to listen to you while they do it (not like the automatic ones) and that one she said was 106/67 that seemed better.

About oh 30 mins later Dr. Quack comes in the room.  Asks me why I am there?  Love that part, um cause you told me too because you drew blood two weeks ago and I need the results and to follow-up!  So she checks and says how I SHOCKINGLY (love that word) have low cholesterol! What? Wait? You thought because I am big I MUST have high cholesterol!  Yeah, sorry again that’s why you shouldn’t label your patients.  So she says how she is going to check my thyroid today.  I was like um, you did that two weeks ago, she checks my chart and goes oh they didn’t test that one when they took your blood like they were suppose to “I’m sorry”.  What?  You are kidding right?  Nope!  I gave my blood and they didn’t even run the tests they were suppose to run.  Are you Fing serious!  She goes can you do it today?  Well of course lady I would like to get this crap regulated ya know!  I am pretty ticked at this point.

Then we talk about weight loss…  Here is where Dr. Quack was about to be bitch slapped (excuse my french).  She asks how the weight loss is going.  I explained that I am regulating between 7lbs, I lose 3lbs to gain 3 the next day.  I tell her how her scale shows 3lbs from what mine did.  She goes well I don’t care about the numbers that’s not important!  Really?  I mean someone who has a swelling issue and you are telling my numbers on the scale is not important?  Okay.  She says to that how she did a chest x-ray and I have no fluid in my lungs so I have no fluid.  I explain that’s not where my fluid has been the past several months…. She digresses.  She asks if I have started exercising again like she told me to last month.  I explain that I have mostly walk about an hour or so several times a week and I try to work in some cardio a few times a week as well.  I was very honest at what I do and how much and my eating.  She goes you should track that, I show look I have.  She goes well you need to do MORE exercising.  I am like look lady I am not discounting that exercise is good for you, not even that you need it.  But I have had a thyroid problem now for 9 years, I HAVE lost weight and have done so at times with out a LICK of exercise I am telling something isn’t right this time.  I explain ever since the clots I feel “puffy” I even talk about the picture!

I ask her how much exercise and eating right will it take and me not losing hardly if any weight will it take for her to see there is a problem? Her response, well, you are just not as young as you use to be.  By this point I wanted to just punch her in the face and I am not even a violent person.  WTF I am 30 years old!   I then told her I feel very frustrated with her, how I feel she isn’t even listening to me.  I know my body and I am telling her something is off.  She goes well I did order an echo but you didn’t go I explained why (child care issues) but also told her my issue isn’t my heart, the hospital just checked it months ago it’s fine its been fine for quiet some time now.  She goes well I am done with you today, I said no I still have things to discuss, I told her I needed to see an ENT for my ear (my hearing has gotten worse I believe I have lost more hearing) and that I wanted to change clinics to a closer one for my INR testing.  She goes fine and leaves.

The nurse comes in gives me my script and tells me to go back to the waiting room so I can have the orders sent to the lab to get the thyroid tested again.  I get to the front to find out the doctor has to resubmit the orders.  Another 25 mins of waiting and I am sent to the lab.  Finally, get done there and I am at home a noon.  My appointment this morning was 9am! ugh.  I HATE DESPISE this clinic now…. I am now torn on if I should just see another doctor OR just change clinics all together.  But I DO know I am not seeing Dr. Quack again!  She claims they should get the results from my thyroid in a week ugh, hopefully that will shed some light, in the mean time I am just going with my own research and trying out the lowering of my carbs.  She wouldn’t check any of my levels on anything else today said it wasn’t necessary.  I am on a community plan since I didn’t have insurance so that is what makes all this suck even worse!

So that was my day…. sorry it wasn’t much fun to probably read.  Hopefully I will have more positive stuff on my next entry for you!  I shall leave you with today a public service announcement however, please ladies if you are going to attempt to wear skirts learn how to sit in them and for the love of god wear panties… I was blinded today by a lady in the waiting room.  I had to sit in front of her and then made the mistake to bend down to get something from my diaper bag and for all my power I don’t know what made me look up but I think I went temporarily blind.  Where do these people come from???? UGH!  So since I was tortured I shall do the same to you…. Happy Friday everyone!