So I get a flyer from Derrick this morning after he arrives from work saying save the date…. It’s company picnic time.  They have the picnic every year at Sandy Lake Park and while last year was fun, I was VERY pregnant, so it was also a bit miserable for me as well.   To the left is a pic of me just about two weeks after the picnic last year!   I had horrible swollen feet and I am not talking like normal pregnancy swell either, no this stuff was bad!  It landed me to have to be on bed rest but aside from that it was pretty fun so I am looking forward to it… BUT then it got me thinking ACK! I need to really lose more weight (because there is a pool and OMG I would love to swim this year!  See last year we didn’t get to swim because my son had a broken arm!  Because we didn’t have anything at the time we KNEW could keep water out we just didn’t want to risk it with him having a cast so they kids did everything else.  AND the awesome part about this year is I too can ride the rides!  Last year I had to watch and just take pictures with my phone!  No as fun!  So I am oddly enough given I hate crowds actually excited about this.  I think more so because it’s a family thing and we can’t do things like this often because with 4 kids the expense adds up QUICK!

ALSO today my youngest is 10 months old today!  Gosh how time flies…. I swear I feel like almost yesterday I gave birth and here in a month I will be planning her first birthday.  She now can cruise around furniture, crawl like speed demon, tries to talk and has such a personality at only 10 months old.  She really is such a joy.  She fits so perfectly in our family too 🙂 I love it honestly.  I can’t believe that I at one time doubted how having her would even fit in our family but god works in mysterious ways and I do really believe that.  

With all that said, today is the new start of the week… So HAPPY MONDAY!  I hope everyone had a great weekend?  I did!  I am hoping to have some loses this week….. I was down those 3lbs on Saturday and I know it’s a high goal but I am hoping to be down a full 10lbs this week which means I have to lose 3lbs…. Mmmmm maybe that’s over doing it a bit…. Worse case I want to be down the full 10 at least by next Wednesday at my next weigh in!  Also in news I will be walking a TON more here soon but not really by choice lol well it is I am cheap!  I have been using someone’s car for a little while and on Friday it will go back to the original owner.  Since now I can walk without having huge issues and all that lovely jazz that means I will be walking the kids home from school….  Then I realized that Derrick goes to work earlier now, he use to drop them off at school…. So looks like I will be walking them to and FROM school!  I figured worse case scenario Derrick could drop us off in the mornings and the kids could play for a bit and then Makayla and I would just walk back home… If I do that then it will be about 3 miles of walking a day.

I am not exactly looking forward to it BUT I think it will be good for me so therefore I am still kind of excited.  Now I have NO excuse I HAVE to get off my butt lol…. Well I am off to the doctor I have to get my INR checked and then of course Friday is my PCP appointment.  Fun fun…..