Well this weekend went really well… I already knew with a bachelorette party AND a wedding that I wouldn’t be doing much calorie counting this weekend, although I did weigh in on Saturday and lost the 3lbs I gained earlier in the week…. Score!  I figured it was mainly water and now I believe it was… Anyways, the bachelorette party went well, met some nice ladies, had some great burgers 🙂 and the Wedding went well too!  Had some awesome rice, chicken casserole that was pouring of cheesy goodness!  It was delish and I don’t care how many calories it was I don’t regret eating it in the slightest.  I also had some spaghetti and rolls as well…. Oh and don’t forget the CAKE!  WHO can go to a wedding and NOT have cake?  You would be crazy if you ask me 🙂 I passed on the home-brewed beer (because I am not a beer person and frankly I can’t really drink with the meds I am on) BUT Derrick said it was good 🙂 Baby did pretty well though she didn’t want to smile at anyone except for this ONE man who had a white beard.  She seemed to warm up to him 🙂 all in all it was a nice weekend.  The older ones visited their dad and now everyone is home and things go back to normal!  Tomorrow I have my appointment to get my INR checked.  I expect it to be a little on the low side because I have forgotten a few doses :(.  I also have a follow-up appointment with the other doctor I don’t like much on Friday.  I hope to at least get SOMEWHERE on this appointment.  And now some photo’s from the Wedding 🙂

Me Before the Wedding (my hair looks kind of red here, It’s actually more of a strawberry blonde)

The Bride and Groom

Me and My Youngest 🙂

This was the ONLY person she would smile at lol

Daddy and Baby


No more kisses until I get cake!