Everything is bothering me today, I have a lot of anxiety today for I have some plans the next few days that involves me to socialize and honestly, I am not good at socializing.  I am horrible with people I don’t know well or don’t have much in common.  I am very much not one of those the glass is half full types either…. I feel annoyed and hungry today sigh…. I made a bowl of coco puffs with out thought today BUT did take a picture of it lol I am starving for lunch with no idea yet what I want but do have an idea….. This weekend’s agenda is a busy one, tonight I am supposed to go to a bachelorette party but not sure about it the baby is being extra clingy today I think she is getting more teeth, either way she has been stuck me like glue today aside from when I can finally get her down for naps…. But if I do go it’s going to be going out to eat, and then tomorrow is the wedding not sure what all in the type of food will be there…. I am sure I will have to count this a total loss food wise the next two days lol.

I don’t understand why this weight crap has to be so hard…. It’s all simple science so it seems and yet it seems to be a daily struggle…. I hate that my health issues are a factor.  I have no damn energy to do squat and have the felling of I am going to be fat forever attitude today.  I know this can’t be a good for one to think this way but it is what it is and I won’t sugar coat my feelings.  I am not one to say think positive and positive will happen.  I know first hand sometimes things just suck no matter how many good thoughts you try to have.  But I also know holding on to it won’t help either so I try to wallow in moderation.

Anyways, I did finally update my Daily eats and will be tracking and posting my foods once again….. I do feel this helps hold me accountable therefore I will continue.  I haven’t been so keen on counting lately maybe that’s just due to not wanting that calorie number to taught me or the fact that if I want to eat more I have to then work out lol…… Ah, the choices!  Either way I am sure I will make due.  I think hormones are getting the best of me today which sucks it looks like a nice day-to-day.  Now off to find something to eat, get the kids, dye my hair because I feel like being blonde again, and make myself go out tonight because if I don’t I will whine about how I do nothing and never have fun.  and TRY to make the most of the situation.  Plus I know if I don’t go out that means dh is going out and well that cannot happen lol he has went out a few times now since we had our daughter and damn it, it’s MY turn. lol I think only a mom of  children can understand that mentality.  lol