I think so many people feel that losing weight equals not eating bad/unhealthy foods ever!  This is not true.  I think for the average person giving up all the foods you love is just not logical especially not in the beginning of any diet plan.  I think for most it’s a set up for failure.  What happens when you do this is you will eat the food that is “forbidden” and following by that is then guilt.  When you start feeling guilt that then equals defeat, and then when you scale doesn’t reflect what you want to see then that equals quitting… It’s a full process…  But I am here to say that you CAN have you cake and eat it too.  I know you look at me and think yeah you say that but what real results do you have???? Honestly, none that I can personally give you but I can tell you that apart of weight loss is pure science.  It’s calories in vs calories out.

Now, I do believe in that WHAT you eat DOES make a difference.  Obviously if you eat foods that are easily and naturally burned in your body that you will not only lose weight faster but you will most likely feel better too.  That doesn’t mean though that you can’t still lose weight by “cheating”.  It’s all how you cheat and if that cheat is WORTH the sacrifice!  For instance today, I knew in my heart I was like I am good, my chocolate is gone so today is a new day!  I went a week (well a little more) with out tracking my food, weighing and really blogging.  My scale my friends has reflected this.  It was a learning process though I NEEDED to do this.  I am not discouraged that my scale reflected what I did for I can now SEE how it reflected it.

So I started out thinking I am BACK which I was and then what happened??? My kids chocolate bunny was staring at me, taunting me, telling me, eat me,! eat me! Before I knew it, it was gone… Another Death to the Bunny!  Sigh, but nope I ate, it I MUST track it, so I did what I normally don’t do and I took a picture of the box and added the calories to my fitness pal the whole 720 (it would have been less honestly since my kids ate some of the bunny) but who’s splitting hairs it still was near the 720 cals and that’s that.  I made my bed I shall lie in it.  Now that’s it I can’t cheat any more today!  IF I want to lose weight that is.  However, I know that as long as I do well for this week that bunny won’t kill me, won’t make my week blown!  I CHOOSE to blow my week.  BUT I can have the bunny and lose too!  You watch and see I will be down another pound by next Wednesday (unless my swelling gets up again of course , which that I cannot help).

The whole process is to LEARN.  I don’t want to replace foods I love with substitutes.  I want to learn to eat well but to also have things I like once in a while… Did I go over board this past weekend? Absolutely I did!  I know I did!  Why I didn’t document anything.  I have realized the reason why I don’t tend to take pics of my cheats and I think it’s because subconsciously I know I probably shouldn’t eat it or I feel guilty some where.  Because I won’t realize I didn’t take the pic until AFTER it’s gone.  I just devour the food as if I will never have it again instead of at least savoring the food!  So that’s my challenge for myself good or bad I MUST take a pic of what I eat BEFORE I eat it!  If I feel I can’t take the picture then I either shouldn’t be eating it OR I need to own up to eating it, add it to my fitness pal and move on.

I have to make the choice is the calories in this item WORTH me losing!  So with that glad to be back my friends and I look forward to moving forward with all this and hopefully I can really start posting some results for you guys… I go back to the doctor on the 20th hopefully I can get more answers about things….