Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, just I didn’t really have much to say…. I have been feeling a bit sad today…. I happens from time to time I feel like everything always tries to go wrong all at once.  I find myself getting sucked into the online social world really because I get bored with my own.  I miss having IRL friends to hang out with and socialize.  While I love my friends dearly.  It seems as we get older and have kids, friends go on the back burner as well as ourselves.  As a mom it’s all about everyone else.

I find however, when I do get a chance to do things IRL though I tend to back out.  As much at times I strive to be social, I find that I am not a very social person.  I like a few close nit friends and with that I am usually okay.  I feel often misunderstood by others at times especially online.  I am without a doubt not the most eloquent writer on the block.  I am not the “cool” or “popular” one, I tend to voice my opinion and when I do it somehow gets taken out of the context I was intending it to be.  So bad to the point at times you think I need to “unplug”.  I have seriously thought about sending Derrick to work with the damn computer cord lol… I have no will power. lol

Anyways, so this past several days I haven’t taken photo’s of my food (well I did a couple of things), I haven’t blogged, logged my foods in my personal fitness, haven’t talked much on my weight loss communities heck, even my FB SIMS is probably dying as we speak.  Just sorta took a step back and just decided to “be”.  I still weigh daily and still down the 7lbs so that’s cool.  Since weigh ins on my weight loss group is Wednesdays I will do my official weigh’s in’s then to make it all easier.  I haven’t fallen off of any wagons I still watch what I eat, and I haven’t gained.  Went to the lab yesterday to retest my thyroid which I assume is getting normal since I am finally starting to lose some weight.  That’s really about it.  I just am in a slump right now I guess… I don’t want to be bothered with weight, people, heck, life in general right now…..