So AF said her goodbyes so I thought I would weigh in this morning.  I actually have weighed in all week.  I weigh daily because of my fluid issues I had during/after birth.  So it’s just habit now to continue to weigh daily.  Well, last night I had to pee really bad, woke up went, got back up at 5am pee back to sleep then up again at 6:30am pee and got the kids ready for school.  I weighed myself right before and a loss!  A total of 7lbs in the past two weeks since I upped my eating.  I know the fluid had some to do with it because I don’t normally pee that much at night.  I can see some fluid on my feet still just a tiny bit.  I just wish they would give me diuretics already so I can just get all this water weight off and move on.  I swear a good amount of this is retained water! ugh!  In the mean time I will just do what I can to try to keep the water off.