I want to start off today talking about trigger foods no wait lets talk about fast food for a moment…  Fast food, so I have been craving fast food for a few days…. So this morning I finally did it I went to Sonic and had a breakfast burritos, some tots and french toast (I shared the toast with the kiddo) I posted about this on daily eats but thought I would blog it too…. So anyways, OMG I feel SO CRAPPY right now…

First I actually went because I wanted the jalapeno burritos (which isn’t what they gave me urgh), I would have been better off coming home and making a hot burritos at home and not feel so crappy! OMG I didn’t think I would feel this bad.  This defiantly tells me that my body is not used to this type of food anymore.  I haven’t been eating any fast food lately (ice cream is about as fast as it gets) I have done well and cooked myself…. Today I am sick and just wanted something hot to open up my sinuses.  Boy that was a huge mistake… Not only do I feel bad but I ate more than half of my calories in ONE setting.  Stupid stupid girl!  This shall be another lesson!

Now on to trigger foods…. I learned while doing south beach years ago about trigger foods.  Basically, trigger foods are foods you eat that trigger you to want to eat more, or eat bad things.  I have learned as healthy as they are apples are a trigger food for me.  Not only do they make me supper hungry like right after eating them but I crave bad foods and sweets with them.  I was almost certain of this trigger food a few weeks ago and so I tested it again the other day and sure enough I was not only starving but wanting sweets!  So I wondered what are YOUR trigger foods?  What foods do you eat that make you want more or make you want to eat bad???