First I am in sinus  hell right now!  I have sneezed I don’t know how many times this morning and just feel overall blah!  I was going to get my blood drawn today to re-test my thyroid but think I will go tomorrow instead.  I have an appointment with the stupid doctor (the one who told me that you can’t lose weight no matter how many calories you intake unless you exercise) while I do exercise at the time I was not because of my PE.  Anyways I am to see her on the 20th.  I am putting a request for a new doctor when I get my blood drawn.  I need someone who listens to me and honestly she did not.

Next on the agenda…. I know that they say slow and steady wins the race but damn this is defiantly a snails race I am in.  I have never actively tried to lose weight and the numbers move so slowly before.  I wasn’t eating horribly bad before but in the past month I have made strides to eat even better, I have started working out again since I feel like I can, and just overall doing a million times better than I EVER have trying to lose weight.  I have done weight watchers, south beach, akins, and of course just watching what I eat.  But never have I done things like now.  I mean now I eat a ton more veggies, hardly anything I eat now is processed except for a few things.  It’s so annoying dealing with all of this.

I hate not knowing WHY for a 100% sure I am not losing weight the way I am supposed to.  Going by my fitness pal (which I know is just a guide everyone loses weight differently) It says I should be almost 20lbs smaller by now… But I’m not, NOT.EVEN.CLOSE! It’s quiet sad really.  BUT I am trying my best to stay positive because weeks ago I couldn’t keep any weight to stay down and I have for a whole week, hopefully two once AF disappears, hopefully it will still be down.  Either way I mean that is something to be happy about.  It does mean SOMETHING is working a little.  But still tells me something is still off?  Thyroid still?  I dunno?

My INR was still low.  I measured my body today.  Waist was down 2 inches, my left leg was up 2inches and my ankle was up an inch.  My right leg was up one inch as well as the ankle.  So I know I have some fluid retention going on but being on AF that’s not a surprise either.  There is ALWAYS something contradicting something else ugh.  I will remeasure after AF and Weigh and we shall see.  Maybe when I see the doctor in 3 weeks if things haven’t moved any faster maybe I can get her to listen to me???? Only one can hope!