Every heard the phrase messy room equals a messy mind?  Well, I have and lately I have been thinking about this a lot.  I won’t lie we are a family of 6 and I am by far not a cleaning nazi.  So my house gets cluttered

and it gets cluttered FAST!  Some days it feels almost impossible to keep this house in order.  We have a rule in this house that everyone is to help out.  Even my children have their own chores.  At first I didn’t like this idea too much.  It’s strange because as much as I HATE cleaning I also hated the idea of someone else cleaning the house.   Not only do they not clean to my liking, it was almost like a mental note of everything I felt I should be doing and someone else is now doing it for me.  I took guilt in this for some strange reason.  I use to be on top of these things much more in the past, but over the years I have just gotten lazy about it…..

I think apart of it is I DO have help and I think that makes it worse, I can just have so and so do it.  This really got bad during my pregnancy and afterwords because I couldn’t do these things.  Even Derrick does the laundry.  For the life of me I swear I can’t remember laundry.  I blame it on the fact that in this house the washer and dryer is in another room where I cannot see or hear it… Kind of one of those out of sight out of mind?  But the fact of the matter really is I am just lazy.  I have no excuse not to clean.  There, I said it!  I HATE, DESPISE, CANNOT STAND cleaning!  I Loathe it with a passion.  It’s a job that NEVER feels done.  While I LOVE the ended results.  I hate the repetition of it.  The I just cleaned this yesterday and now I have to repeat concept.  However, I have no excuse for Makayla takes like three naps a day (I know lucky me) so there is time and I am just full of excuses!

I say that  I just work on making the kids happy because it keeps momma sane.  Funny thing, there is some truth in that statement for me.  See when I clean, I like to CLEAN!  Every little thing will annoy me.  I don’t like it when people half ass clean, nope!  I drag everything out and have to sort it all.  Knowing this about myself makes the thought of cleaning even more tedious!  Why?  Because this takes HOURS. AND with 4 kids and spouse who has that time???  Then you think of the irony of the hours I spend on the computer before Derrick gets home from work.  Truth of the matter is I could clean but I just don’t flat-out want to…. I could go the rest of my life and not clean and be perfectly happy…. But I don’t mean in that same sentence that I want to be or live dirty…. Just I would be fine if “I” didn’t have to clean it!!!

However, I have to wake back up to reality… I am not rich, or in the slightest bit wealthy.  I don’t believe my children were born to be my slaves, and it’s not fair to make Derrick work AND clean the house

I am fully capable of cleaning this house.  I just have to get off my toosh and just do it!  I keep thinking about my life lately and it feels so chaotic and a mess.  I really think there is some truth in how your house looks is a reflection of your life.  My life is messy, therefore so is my house!  Now, could I be on an episode of hoarders?  Oh, Hell no!  It’s not THAT kind of messy…. But enough to where say if you had company over you would be dashing to throw everything quickly into the closet or your other little sneaky hide away places (I know you have them we all do) that you stash things to where people can’t see them with out you actually putting them in their places!

To take this a little further I think this all ties into weight loss!  I think to be successful in my mind not only do I fix the out but the in.  I have to learn to be more active, and productive.  When you are more productive your mind works better thus resulting in your body working better.  It’s all tied into one nice and tiny box but the fact of the matter is I really don’t WANT to be lazy.  Who really does?

Okay, I am sure some people do.  BUT I don’t!  I know that this is something only I can do!  If I don’t want to be lazy then I just have to get up and do it.  Force my but that is stuck to this chair, take a moment from my online mommy world, and FB the posts will still be there two hours later.  And just straighten up.  It’s not like its real hard labor!  I mean I cleaning can be hard when you have a baby BUT it’s also not impossible (okay some days it defiantly feels like it) and I am not saying that everyday be a cleaning neurotic freak.  But at the same time there is really is no reason for a really messy house.  (unless you have a ton of toddlers then I say it’s pointless until nap time) but even there parts of the house should be neat.  As much as I despise hearing Derrick say everything has it’s place. I know deep down this really is true.

Look I don’t want to be the mom that throws us all under the bus… I get it our jobs are hard.  There are some days  no, I really can’t do crap with the house.  I am realistic.  BUT I do think of all the time I did this when I could have done that!  AND THAT’S my point!  If I can spend even 10 straight minutes on the computer then I can spend 10 mins straightening up an area.  I am not saying doing everything at once, a little goes a LONG way!  But nothing will get done if you just sit there!  So that’s the goal today.  Take time out today to do something.  I don’t care if I even set a timer for 10 mins every hour or so in 8 hrs that ads up to 80 mins of cleaning.  Imagine what can be cleaned in just 80 mins?  A little does go a LONG LONG way!