So today was my INR checked!  Those who don’t know what an INR is, it’s just a simple blood test you have done by a prick of the finger and it tells you how fast your blood clots.  Now they like your numbers to stay between 2-3.  Today mine was a bit on the low side at 1.6 which just means my meds will need to be adjusted.  I am not surprised though given I have been eating more greens and this can by all means affect your numbers as well as weight loss.  Blood pressure was good 101/77 pulse was 60 🙂 I had not eaten yet when I left because I was going to try to get some of blood work done that my doctor requested that I have around now.  BUT you have to fast with it, but by the time I got done with the INR testing it was noon and I needed to eat

So on my way home I was soooo craving this….  Sonic Double Cheese Burger w/Tator Tots as shown on your left!  It is the ONLY double cheese burger I ever eat and usually I am totally stuffed after eating.  I debated about this burger the whole ride home which took about 25 minutes!  Imaging the warm tator tots and the cheesy cheese!  It sounded so perfect.  I was STARVING by this point.  I just wanted food… Good food, QUICK food.  But then I thought about money and how I shouldn’t spend any thing on just a burger.  Those thoughts then left me with how I felt last night and how I said I don’t need big cheat days…. I mean I just had Mexican last night and I am sure that alone will make me suffer on the scale next week if I don’t work my tail off this afternoon! ugh…. See everything comes at a price!  You just have to decide how much it is worth it to you!  For me after much thought on my way home I had decided it wasn’t worth it to me.  Did I want it? Yes, do I still, yeah, but not as bad as earlier.

So instead I came home and cooked myself something to eat.  I made me some scrambled eggs with onions, mushrooms, spinach, turkey, some jalapeno weight watcher cheese, and a muffin with some cinnamon cream cheese on top and a water…. I went from a calorie count of 1420 calories had I gotten the burger and tots to 380 calories for my meal and I finished it off with some fruit I shared with my beautiful 9 month old daughter (some strawberries, black berries, and grapes).  We both enjoyed that part the most!  It was good, filling and hit the spot.   No it wasn’t a big greasy cheese burger but I don’t really want that in the end anyways.  I feel awesome, I have energy.  I don’t feel run down and ready for a nap.  Okay I could still take a nap but not from the food but from being in teething hell the past week or so… BUT that’s besides the point.  It was a better choices.  Will I always make the “right” choice.  I don’t know, doubtful. But happy today I did. :) So that my friend I consider a victory!  And that instead of just on my daily eats will go here! (Don’t forget to check my daily eat’s btw when checking my blog).  I log in each day what I have eaten for the world to see.