First we shall start with I will be using my weigh in yesterday morning for today… Not because of the Mexican food I ate last night which no doubt I am sure effected my scale BUT more so because um the monthly hag came to visit (sorry guys) lol.  So if you are a woman I am sure you understand.  Really no point in weighing to get upset when the number doesn’t actually reflect true gain.  Anyways so as of yesterday I am now down 4.6lbs That is a total loss of 1.2 pounds I believe from last week!  While, I am not exactly happy with this snail speed of loss so early in the game I have to remind myself that my thyroid is regulating and my body is still healing from the PE and so many other things…. So I will still take bliss that I LOST and didn’t GAIN.  That is a whole week of NO regaining what I just lost!  Awesome!

Now, on to my day!  Yesterday was very much a busy day.  Got up made Derrick and I breakfast and then around lunch time got the kids from their dads for family pictures.  Of course nothing ever goes as planned.  I made the mistakes to buy my oldest some shoes for her dress without taking her with me since they were on sale at Payless.  Needless to say they didn’t fit.  GREAT! Off to the store we go with 2 hrs and counting until we had to leave for pictures.  At the store NOT ONE stinking pair of shoes I was willing to pay for (look I refuse to pay 20 bucks for some sandals!)  fit her!  Two more stores later STILL nothing.  I tell her she will have to deal with the black flip-flops that were a tad bit too small when we get home… So back home we go with an hour and counting now…..

Get home to have the baby POOP on the clothes she is supposed to wear for pictures!  Figures!  Derrick cleans her up for me and throws the clothes into the wash!  I go into the girls room sure there has to be more shoes, and have a mini freak out over their room.  I DO However,  find a pair of shoes and insist now when we get home the room must be cleaned! ugh, kids and messes!  We are now at 30 mins and counting and I still haven’t gotten dressed, fixed my hair OR done makeup!  ugh!  SO I get dressed, Quickly do my hair at which I am not very pleased with, grab M’s clothes out of the dryer that are still a bit damp (figured its a park she will dry off if anything a little coolness never killed anyone!) M didn’t mind!  So now we get everyone out the door and on to the park…. I almost forget the purse I BELIEVED had all my make up….. Only to have us drive off, look in the purse to remember I switched purses and all that I have in the purse was a few items, consisting of just mascara, lipstick and a little eye shadow. Ugh, NO foundation, nothing… So had to make due with just that!

In the car heading to get our pictures done!

My son after we got done

M smiling AFTER we got our pics done and were heading home!

Pictures I think still went great, though my normally camera loving baby turned in to a who the heck are you taking picks of me and what the heck kind of camera do you have there in my face lol…. BUT we did get her to smile 🙂 and  the older kids did great!  After we are finished with that I find the “hag” showed her face, really now!!!! 10 days late and she comes on picture day!  Thank god for black dresses!  Back home we go!  Finally get home and settled by this point it’s 7pm.  I had promised my middle daughter a date night.  Two weeks prior I took the kids to have some blood work done to see if they also have any blood disorders like me and while on our way to eat a lunch together two of the older three decided to complain and be a bit on the selfish side…  So we didn’t go out and they ate lunch at home.  Since K didn’t complain I promised her a night with mom.  So off we went.  Destination Mexican Food.  I haven’t had Pancho’s since I was pregnant and before that it had a been a LONG while.  I wasn’t going to worry about calories or whatnot tonight.  It’s just me and my girl!  BOY was that a crazy thing to do.  I was STUFFED heck beyond STUFFED!  Is there even a word for that?  I was miserable.  defiantly one of those night likes when you drink way too much and you are hovering over the  porcelain bowl saying you will never drink again!  THAT kind of stuffed! It was good of course but yeah, can’t be doing that!  Luckily these trips are not often!

K at Dinner with me 🙂

After Dinner K and I went to Kroger to pick up some formula, some chicken for Derrick and some Greek yogurt…. Ah the greek yogurt.  See I bought this big container of plain greek yogurt at good ole wally world… I open it yesterday morning to find MOLD in it! Ugh, I don’t think I have ever returned food before but this container was almost 6 bucks so yeah I am returning it.  Wait in line for like 20 mins with K before we headed out for dinner, to find that I wasn’t the only one who returned it.  Cashier makes a note how I am the second who has returned the exact product.  And also says something about the power going out and the freezers stopped working for a bit.  Wow that’s comforting….. I also point out the date on the product which stated MARCH 12th!  It’s the 25! So refunds the money no questions asked!  So I decided to then just get the yogurt at Kroger which is where I normally shop for my food since it’s right by my house.  Get the yogurt.  K and I go home unload. I go to put it in the fridge and as I was talking to Derrick thought I should check the date!  Low and behold the date is MARCH 21st!  First walmart NOW Kroger too!  WTH?  Ugh!  So now I have to return that too.  So beyond annoyed…..

Anywho!  So that was my day yesterday!  Today I have to get my good ole INR checked.  Going to see if they can do the additional blood work my doctor wanted if not I guess I will go after I get done with the INR to do it….. Then in like two weeks or so I am supposed to have a follow-up.  I am going to ask to see a different doctor this time though.  I didn’t like the coo koo lady I had last time!  Tell me that you can’t expect to eat 1500 cals a day weigh a ton and without much exercise you won’t lose weight… Shut up, I have lost over 60 pounds a few years ago and didn’t exercise at all and ate more cals then that!  Roll eyes…. So also ordered an echo which I refuse to go to because I had JUST did one a month prior and it was fine, including the two previous ones the months before, there was no reason for it the others were done while in hospital out of precaution and I was declared the month prior my heart was fine!  And it has been!  So no read the results and then we can test!  Besides she ordered a chest x-ray which that I did, if there was a cause of concern it would have shown in that.  Since I never got a call I am assuming all is well (I hope lol).  Luckily I am feeling better and better by the day so I am certain things are finally normalizing! yay!  So that’s that…. well gotta start getting ready so I can leave in a hr for my appointment!  Until tomorrow 🙂