So yesterday I ate a fiber bar, subway and well, pigged out on some pizza!  Now I did go to the park with the kids, did some walking but didn’t do the shred as planned!  However, I still was active which I think is the point.  Anyways, I feared weighing this morning, I thought “I ate that pizza and this is going to kill my numbers” and low and behold I finally LOST I was down a few points but hell I will take it!  It’s a 4lbs…. So this got me thinking this morning maybe I just DO NEED to eat all my calories, as much as it’s so hard to wrap around my head that eating loses weight vs not…. I still have a really hard time with this concept.  Probably because I mostly starved myself as a teen who knows….. I think what makes things harder on me is the weighing every day.  I think for now on I will stick to the measurements and if something seems weird with those I will add a weigh in but after today I will just weigh on Monday’s and see how that goes for me.  On one hand I think weighing daily makes me feel accountable, on the other hand I freak when I gain or don’t lose much even though I logically know that we have fluids, bowels and such that fluctuate weight.  I am eager to see what Monday’s weigh in will be…. God I hope it’s a loss… This is also a sign that my thyroid is defiantly finally kicking in.  My meds must be working now!