PhotobucketWell I started my day with taking the kids to school, then I came home and put M down for her morning nap.  I figured I would go cook me some breakfast so I would be fueled for the day. unfortunately she has sleep powder dust that is absorbed in her skin so when you cuddle up to her you can’t help but to fall asleep yourself!  So back up at almost 10am which I had to leave in 20 mins.  I rushed to get everything ready and then out the door… Doctors office went great, my big princess is 9 mos and weights 24lbs 1oz and 29 1/2 inches long!  They had to take some blood today to test lead, some other things and since last week the lab I went to had a hard time trying to stick her for her genetic testing (we are having her checked for blood disorders like mommy) they decided to add that and sent me to the lab next door. Told me to try there and if they couldn’t do it they would send us to children’s!  So off we went!  First stick and they got it! yay! of course it took two nurses to hold her down including me holding her.  My strong baby.  She did NOT like the whole process at.all.  BUT all is well!  After that it was now almost 1 and I was STARVING!  Ya know the type where you probably would eat your own arm if you could?

So on the way home I had to go by Walmart and thought I will get  a salad, I was craving their Southwest salad!  Well the big one alone was almost 600 cals!  You have GOT to be kidding me!  I mean I know that because it says salad doesn’t mean it’s low cal but really????? So I opted for the smaller one and then went to the frozen section were I found the Tai Pei rice I like.  To my surprise it was actually less cals than the big salad.  Go figure!  Since I didn’t eat breakfast I had a few cals to spare, so I got that with my small salad!  Then I saw the chocolate turtle cake! yum…. 260 for one serving!  So I thought cool, I will get that…. So was it a healthy lunch?  No not really but it was good and I am still with in my calories for the day so I am fine with that!

On to the topic of the post though, sorry got side tracked with my morning!  I woke up today so so so SORE…. I knew it was to be expected.  I mean just because the video didn’t seem that hard didn’t make it hard ya know?  Either way wowza!  I decided I will not be doing that video today but for now probably every other day with a different exercise in between.  Today I choose walking with M.  We walked together for an hour!  It felt good too 🙂 I am hoping all this work will start to pay off.  I noticed this morning I am back to my beginning weight from Monday (I gained a lb) from my whole cereal binge, I suspected as much though so I was not upset. Can’t be mad about something you know you purposely did.  I am not going to get upset of small mishaps or over having say a piece of chocolate cake.  I figure slow and steady wins the race right.  Well over time slowly and surely I will add more and more great fresh foods but I know from time to time something good and sweet isn’t going to kill me either.  One thing I have learned over the years is 1. deprivation leads to failure and 2. drastic changes tend to also lead to failure.  This is by all means a process.  I am just testing the waters seeing what’s working and not working for my body.  For myself and for my doctors.  If we are ever going to get things in order I have to do trial of elimination just like what they are doing with me, I have to do with food/exercise.  Find what works and what doesn’t!  So far I have learned that going over cals has dramatic effects, so my cheat days have to be small cheats.