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First I will like to say I am happy to report I am down 3.4 lbs since last week.  The week before last I lost 4lbs to only gain all but a lb and couldn’t figure out why.  I brought up my calorie intake and poof I lost the weight again!  One thing I have learned this week, cheat days suck!  I am not doing a day of cheating like that for a while.  Not saying never because I will but I think I will save my cheats for ONE item not a day of it.  Because of my cheat day I feel I could of lost another lb.  But I will not and refuse to dwell on that!  I will just enjoy my victory.  I also feel like my thyroid is kicking into gear.  I think my meds are affecting my levels which is why I was also still gaining while eating healthy.  Normally once my meds are upped I am great shortly after however, this time it’s taking WEEKS!  ugh….  Water retention seems to be better too.  I can still tell it’s there but hoping that having the thyroid normal will help, also I think my PE is getting better or gone because I am feeling tons better these days.  I still get winded from time to time pretty easy but it’s like 10x’s better then it was that’s for sure!  Because of that I think it’s helping with the water weight too because PE’s have that nice little effect to them.

So on to my new purchases my first I am so happy to have because I have NEVER had one!  And since counting cals I find this a beneficial item especially for meats!


My very first food scale! I am so happy to have it!!!

My second purchase is for both Derrick and I! I am not sure how well I will be able to do it but I will remain to focus on what the physical therapist in the hospital said to work out only as much as my body can take. If I can’t talk and work out at the same time I need to stop.