Well my day started with me not being able to sleep, which meant that because I wasn’t in bed Miss M decided she still join the party except for she fell asleep on my chest….

Ah, I love that baby…. So since I didn’t sleep yet (which I am about to now as it’s 7am) I had some breakfast.  Just a Muffin w/strawberry laughing cow cream cheese (it’s delish) and a small banana.

So this is my left overs from my dinner last night and let me say OMG it IS sooooo good…. Complete comfort food.  What? Everyone needs some good comfort food AND this dish doesn’t kill you in calories as well when ate with portion control!  Below you will see some Roast slowed cooked in some Grubbs (and OMG You have got to try this stuff it has natural ingredients AND tastes awesome!) Marinade and BBQ sauce, with some small potatoes, carrots and I finished it with some 45 calorie toast topped with some sun basil laughing cow cheese! Oh! And don’t forget the water!

Snack time!  I love snack time…. Today I am trying these new crackers I bought that was whole grain, I topped with laughing cow cream cheese (yes I have an obsession) and strawberries.

I got a little hungry before dinner 🙂

Dinner is served!!!!
Breaded Chicken, Penne pasta mixed with mushrooms, artichokes, black olives, tomatoes, peppers with a little Dijon mustard and olive oil dressing, Green beans and don’t forget the water 🙂

I still had some calories left over and found I must eat them or things go all wrong!!!! So here you have a 100 cal bagel, some oranges, apples and 1tbs of natural peanut butter


And that ends it for the day…. I don’t know how I have survived this day with only 3 hrs of sleep but boy am I beat!  Time for BED!  Yawn! Until tomorrow 🙂